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April 26, 2018

Topic:  Making people feel safe in our care: Stepping up to improve the health care experience for the Transgender Community

It is illegal under federal and state laws for health providers to discriminate against members of the transgender community and their family members. One of the most important laws is the Affordable Care Act, which prohibits sex discrimination, including anti-transgender discrimination, by the vast majority of insurance companies and health care providers. This means that in every state, most insurance companies aren’t allowed to exclude transition-related care and most health care providers are required to treat these patients with respect and dignity according to their stated gender identity.

Unfortunately, countless healthcare organizations are at risk as they are woefully unprepared for the transgender patient population and the LGBTQ community at large. Many missteps and grievances are created on a continuum of  microagressions through day to day interactions with caregivers or extreme and outright refusal to provide culturally sensitive care.  These thought provoking presentations from two experts that are national speakers on this topic will provide healthcare leaders insight and tools to implement within their organizations starting from registration to discharge and  continuous follow up for this growing community that not only present as patients but also as members of healthcare teams. Join us in learning how we can provide a safe environment for all patients with culturally sensitive care.

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